Keari Cruise & Dine (Sea)

KEARI Cruise & Dine is a Sea Registered Vessel designed under the supervision of Germanischer Lioyd (GL) with all modern features & amenities including floating restaurant, Grand lobby, Executive conference suite, Exclusive chair coach & Buffet hall along with beautiful sky deck it has total 310 passengers capacity in its   three Lounge. All the three Lounges are centrally air conditioned. The ship has sufficient life raft, life jacker, life buoys annnd others safety items for all passengers.

You can board the cruise ship “KEARI Cruise and Dine” for a memorable journey from Teknaf to Saint Martin. Starting in October you can breathe in the serene of the Sea, selecting tour ideal taste from a various menu of gourmet food aboard the floating restaurant.


Seat Capacity with Restaurant Setup
Pearl Lounge : 100 Passengers
Coral Lounge : 150 Passengers
Executive Lounge :   60 Passengers
Pearl Lounge



Facilities & Amenities:

  • Banquet / Buffet Lunch, Dinner.
  • First Class Floating Restaurant.
  • Fully Air Conditioned.
  • Meeting /Mini Conference.
  • Wedding, Marriage Day, Birthday Celebrations &
  • All Kinds of Corporate Party.


Deck Up price

(inclusive Vat & Toll)

Down price

(inclusive Vat)


(inclusive Vat & Toll)

Pearl lounge 750 650 1,400
Coral lounge 550 450 1,000
Exclusive Lounge 550 450 1,000